Changing behaviour to transform performance… Delivering Results

We’ve probably all heard it said… “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

The bottom line is that if there is no change, there is no progress.

Look around your organisation – each person likes to go about things in a slightly different way.  Their differing behavioural priorities might include:

  • Focusing solely on the task, to the detriment of their relations with others
  • Needing the company of others and regular social interaction
  • Getting everything accurate and perfect – maybe missing deadlines to do so
  • Seeing any change as a threat, doing things as they always have

Do any of these resonate?  Every organisation has a mix of all preferences, because people are all different!  Maybe the definition of insanity should be “Treating everyone the same way and expecting the same response from them all!”

Moving people forward towards a common goal, when their expectations and preferences are so different is a challenge. Without changing behaviour, any change that you seek to implement is likely to be at best ineffective and at worst, have a negative impact on performance.

Let us show you how to help your people understand these differences, provide them with the skills and a common language of communication, embrace change more readily… and deliver real bottom line results.

Changing behaviour

Unlike many training companies, we focus purely on changing behaviour. Our research has shown that 80% of problems in business are a result of communication issues.